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Thursday, December 29 2011

Christmas and Easter: Is There Really Any Difference?

With Christmas now officially "behind" us, we prepare for New Year's celebrations, contemplating, some of us, resolutions for the coming year. And with spring time, with longer days, coming shortly, the thought of Easter seems so far away. But they are so different, aren't they? Christmas is typically a time of joy, feasting, merrymaking, and gift-giving. But with Easter, we generally think of  Lent, the passion of Christ, giving up, abstinence, etc. You get the picture.

And yet, the two events are separated historically by some thirty-three years. In human time, not God's time. First the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation, the "God becoming man." And then His crucifixion, His death for the sins of the world, the Easter event. But in Reality, they mirror one another, don't they?

As we prepare to usher in the new year, and soon turn our eyes on Easter, replete with daffodils and easter eggs, be mindful that in God's perspective, they both tell of the same great love that He has for the world. More particularly, for you and me. This poem by Steve Turner, an English biographer and poet, captures the idea well. I'd love to hear your thoughts....


Christmas Is Really For the Children

Christmas is really
for the children.
Especially for children
who like animals, stables,
stars and babies wrapped
in swaddling clothes.
Then there are wise men,
kings in fine robes,
humble shepherds and a
hint of rich perfume.

Easter is not really
for the children
unless accompanied by
a cream filled egg.
It has whips, blood, nails,
a spear and allegations
of body snatching.
It involves politics, God
and the sins of the world.
It is not good for people
of a nervous disposition.
They would do better to
think on rabbits, chickens
and the first snowdrop
of spring.

Or they'd do better to
wait for a re-run of
Christmas without asking
too many questions about
what Jesus did when he grew up
or whether there's any connection. 


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Christmas and Easter: Is There Really Any Difference?

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